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Portfolio Assessment & Outcome Investing

Get a full portfolio assessment to uncover potential risks, align for opportunities, and optimize your structure for a more successful financial future. 

Scope of Portfolio Review

Here are the top things we consider when reviewing your portfolio.

​Global Representation

Most Canadians are over invested in Canada. Though Canada only accounts for 3% of global investable equities. Which means people are missing out on 97% of all other investment opportunities. As the average Canadian has 92% of their assets tied to Canada; that's a major concentration risk.

Fee Transparency

Many investors are unaware of implicit and external costs associated with their accounts. Fees are something we carefully review with clients.

Tax Smart Investments

When you're in a higher income tax bracket, the type of investment and where you own it can have a significant impact on your after-tax returns. 

Expectations vs. Structure

Most portfolios to do reflect investor expectations. People usually have extremely conservative portfolios, yet complain about low returns. We start with understanding the client's financial capacity for risk and build from there. 

Under-diversified or Over-diversified

Another common point of investment risk is when portfolios are under-diversified; for example, owning too many bank stocks or utility companies. Conversely, owning too much of everything (being overdiversified) introduces return risk and benchmark underperformance.

360 Portfolio Review

We make your investments work more efficiently for you and your future by optimize your account structure, and when possible, reduce fees and lessen your potential tax liability.

Your plan deserves to be executed by a team of experienced professionals who are experts in establishing solutions for ongoing investment management. We will curate, monitor and adjust your investment holdings based on changing market conditions and your current goals.

Quality investment management is about having an evolving plan to mitigate and manage risk, identify opportunities, and understand your potential future needs.

All of our clients have online access to their investments. They can view all of their investments, income received, fees paid, and the performance of their investments held at Manulife Securities Incorporated.

Currently Invested With a Bank?

You've probably built a reputation at your bank and are currently investing through them too. 

You feel secure with your bank. You've grown comfortable with them and so, you have your money invested through them as it's also convenient. However, with time you've realized you are not quite satisfied. It might feel like you advisor cares more about their sales commission, pushing their own products, and maybe even trying to sign you up for other services. That's certainly not the person you want managing your life savings.

You shouldn't be waiting in line to speak to your advisor. You and your advisor should be having recurring conversations, and they should be proactively reaching out to you when it's important to do so. 

It's a common misconception in Canada that traditional banks are the best options for managing your investments. In fact, independent advisors and wealth management firms like Manulife Securities are subject to far more rigorous regulations and advisors have higher licensing requirements than banks and are more specialized in their experience. 

Dedicated Outcome Investing

Taking a personalized approach to creating a portfolio gives you a much larger degree of certainty and clarity. 

What is Dedicated Outcome Investing?

Equity investments are renowned for substantial long-term gains. However, short-term volatility has the tendency to concern investors and create a certain degree of uncertainty. Dedicated outcome investing creates an overlay of predictability to investor results. 

Making use of unique methods and strategies allow investors to isolate a style that's complementary to their objectives. 

Two Dedicated Investment Methods 


Customized Risk-Return Profiles

This investment method is designed to meet investor objectives though the options of either upside enhancement or downside protection.

Upside Enhancement is dedicated to upside market outperformance. Mainly for an investor who has a positive outlook, is looking for high levels of capital appreciation, and can accept potential for negative returns and portfolio volatility. 

Downside Protection is dedicated to protecting investors from major market drawdowns while still providing modest growth for wealth preservation. This method is for the investor who is comfortable with modest losses however still needs upside participation to maintain a degree of wealth growth.


Predetermined Time Horizon

This investment method is developed to expire on a predetermined date or time: allowing the investor to time market risk and volatility. 

Near Term Horizon is a dedicated strategy used by an investor looking to save money for coming purchases or obligations like a down payment. This allows for smaller managed market participation and a high degree of downside protection. 

Long Term Structuring is dedicated to building a portfolio that begins with a more growth oriented approach and gradually manage the risk exposure lower as the predetermine time/date arrives. This allows a portfolio to grow during early years and preserve itself as maturity time arrives. 

Maximize Your Portfolio

A successful asset allocation strategy takes into account time horizons, cash flow, risk tolerance, return expectations, along with external factors like ever-changing markets. With extensive research across investment managers, mutual funds, and investment vehicles, we can provide insights and recommendations for both standard and advanced opportunities.

Monitoring Your Investments

The success of your financial future is too important to be left to chance. We'll proactively adjust how your assets are allocated to account for changing market conditions, contributions, and other factors. We monitor your accounts to make sure your portfolio stays aligned to your goals and objectives. We also monitor your investment performance to see how we can improve results overtime.

1, Source: Investor Economics Household Balance Sheet Report 2019, data as of December 2018

The opinions expressed are those of the author and may not necessarily reflect those of Manulife Securities Incorporated.

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