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Build wealth, plan for retirement and get actionable financial advice; but with custom portfolios, personalized plans, and continuous communication.

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The All-In-One Advisory

People who work with financial advisors have 3x higher net worth and 4x more investable assets than those who don't work with one.


We make your investments work more efficiently for you and your future by optimize your account structure, and when possible, reduce fees and lessen your potential tax liability.


Quality investment management is about having an evolving plan to mitigate and manage risk, identify opportunities, and understand your potential future needs.


All of our clients have online access to their investments. They can view investments, income received, fees paid, and the performance of their accounts at Manulife Securities Incorporated.


We curate, monitor and adjust your investments based on changing conditions and goals. The strategy is executed by professionals who are experts in investment management.

Replace your bank financial advisor with our uniquely tailored advisory services.

Some people may decide to change advisors simply because they have outgrown the capabilities of their existing advisor and prefer someone with better expertise.


Convenient advisory but limited.

Embedded Fees

...but what are you really paying for?

Can help you better understand your financial goals and save money.

Use standardized computer questionnaires to make investment recommendations.

Can get you deals on credit cards, credit lines, and bank accounts.

Help with applications, paperwork, and other administrative tasks.

Not Recommended


Do it yourself.

Free, but costly.

...and learn from making mistakes.

Spend hours trying to filter through research.

Try buying 'hot' tips that your family and friends suggest.

Need to set aside time manage your life savings. 

Not Available


The Complete Package

Full Transparency

You get what you pay for.

Active review of your current circumstances to learn and identify what to accomplish. 

Develop an actionable and evolving solution that's personalized to your objectives.

Continuously looking to minimize tax implications of investments and optimize after-tax investment returns. 

Analyze and upgrade existing portfolio composition, risk assessment, and restructure based on a dedicated investment methods.

Leveraging constant flow of economic and stock based research to create actionable advice.

Recurring communication with market memos and quarterly reviews to keep you updated.

Unparalleled Access to investment solutions around the world, not limited to bank products. 

Includes constant access with unlimited consultative time with a dedicated, always-available, financial advisor. 

Gianluca's Investor Update

A glimpse into a letter from your Manulife Wealth Financial Advisor Gianluca Folino. Keeping you updated on all things finance, markets, and economics.

Highlights from the Q1 2023 Quarterly Review

The Canadian economy is experiencing a slowdown, with bank stock prices falling and an inverting yield curve. Banks, including CIBC and TD, are extending loan durations to accommodate borrowers struggling to make full monthly mortgage payments. The Bank of Canada is trying to boost the Canadian Dollar by selling assets, but this is unsustainable. Despite a significant influx of new residents, Canada has not kept up with housing demand. In the US, the Silicon Valley Bank Crisis is likely to increase regulations for small banks, leading to higher fees and more competition for deposits. The S&P500 market shows a skewed distribution, with Microsoft and Apple accounting for a significant portion of its returns. Commercial real estate debt is a potential point of weakness, with small/mid US banks having the largest exposure. Long-term patience is key to navigating market uncertainties and fluctuations.

Written by Gianluca Folino, CIM
Financial Advisor, Manulife Wealth
Life Insurance Advisor, Manulife Securities Insurance Inc.

Global Investing

Where we create value for you.

mississauga financial advisor


We're not just an investment advisory. We carry out industry leading research and global economic insights that give us our unique edge.

financial advisor in mississauga


With our low minimums, no fixed rate annual fees, and free ongoing client advisory, more of your money stays where it belongs: in your pocket.

financial advisor manulife securities


With a Manulife Securities advisor, your plan and our strategies are crafted for you. Where your life's goals are our prime focus.

Financial Buildings

Free Consultation with a Financial Advisor

Finding a great financial advisor is important. Get to know who we are and how we can help you.

Book a time to visit our office at Manulife Wealth in Mississauga or schedule in a phone call.  The consultation is completely free.

Meet a financial advisor

  • Get to know Gianluca, your Manulife Wealth Financial & Investment Advisor, and what he can do for you.

  • Ask the right questions, and gather a stronger understanding of how financial advising can help you achieve your goals.

  • Identify what your financial objectives are.

  • Ask us questions, lots of them. The more you have, the more we can help.

  • Establish the next steps.

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