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Upgrade from your current advisor.

When was the last time you got a second opinion?

Currently Invested With a Bank?

You've probably built a reputation at your bank and are currently investing through them too. 

It's a common misconception in Canada that traditional banks are the best options for managing your investments. In fact, independent advisors and wealth management firms like Manulife Securities are subject to far more rigorous regulations and advisors have higher licensing requirements than banks and are more specialized in their experience. 

Bank Advisor

You feel secure with your bank. You've grown comfortable with them and so, you have your money invested through them as it's also convenient. However, with time you've realized you are not quite satisfied.


It might feel like you advisor cares more about their sales commission, pushing their own products, and maybe even trying to sign you up for other services. That's certainly not the person you want managing your life savings.

You shouldn't be waiting in line to speak to your advisor. You and your advisor should be having recurring conversations, and they should be proactively reaching out to you when it's important to do so.

Looking for a new financial advisor

Our focus is on 2 fundamental components: investment and financial advising with modular wealth planning.

Our success in building wealth is a result of critical two-way communication, planning, and core investing. By helping you grow and understanding your financial position, we give you the confidence you need in order to make better financial decisions for the future.

financial advisor manulife securities

Still investing with your bank?
It's time for change.

Through our advisory, we can choose from any securities, funds, and investment products for you. Unlike the big banks, we're not limited to only using our own home products. This gives us the flexibility to put your money in the best investments for you, without any bias towards our home institution of Manulife Securities. 

Every client is uniquely advised. After understanding you and your goals, where you are, and where you want to be, we craft a unique strategy and tailor the investments to meet your financial objectives and lifestyle goals.

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