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Gianluca Folino, CIM


Gianluca works with clients on creating personalized investment portfolios and financial strategies to support long-term capital growth and the management of generational wealth.

Gianluca is a Financial Advisor with a Chartered Investment Manager designation who has extensive knowledge in portfolio construction, investment risk management, financial modeling, and thematic application. Through his experience, he has built a macro-aware investment philosophy that focuses on bottom-up decision making to capitalize on opportunities throughout the economic cycle. He is a dean's list graduate, with distinction, from the Schulich School of Business at York University. He has an Honours BBA with a dual specialization in Finance and Economics.

When he is not analyzing economic data and reading financial statements, Gianluca enjoys helping entrepreneurs with their business, playing foosball and tennis, and spending quality time with his close family and friends.

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By operating independently at Manulife Securities Incorporated, Gianluca is not limited to any one company's investment products or solutions. Different from other advisors, Gianluca is able to choose from a variety of investments around the world allowing him to uniquely serve each client's needs.

"You need an advisor who is financially aware and emotionally rational, one that is continuously developing and challenging their understanding of the markets, and who finds personal meaning and fulfillment in their work for others."


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  • Unlike most of Canada's largest financial institutions, when using Manulife Securities, we have the ability to freely invest in funds that are from varies institutions with global exposure, not being limited to Manulife's products. This allows us to ensure clients are invested in what we believe are the best investment opportunities, globally. 

  • Manulife Securities offers critical services and tools that give independent advisors leading edge technology and compliance tools to best serve clients.

  • Manulife Financial, our parent company, carries over 125 years of distinguished industry reputation and experience, which comes with reliability and ability to lead.

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