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Retirement Planning

It's not what money is that is important, but what money does.

For a Retiree, What Does Money Mean?

It's a means of protection and comfort.
  • It gives you freedom from worry , and strengthens your security, and gives you the piece of mind you need to feel right.

It provides independence.
  • Giving you the ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want - that becomes the true definition of freedom.

Control over your lifestyle.
  • Whether you would like to spend money on travel, hobbies, home, entertainment, or gifts, you will be able to do it without restraint.

Ability to help family.
  • As you grow in age you may consider yourself a steward of your money for your family.  Gifting to your children, helping with large purchases, or contributing to grandchildren's education.

Creating a legacy. 
  • Living legacies for inheritors, estate planning, and charitable giving that comes from your growth in altruism and spirituality. 

retirement planning

Wealth Planning

retirement planning

Investment Management

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Canadians expect they'll need $756,000 for retirement.

However, 32% of Canadians between 45-64 haven't saved anything.

And the ones who are saving have set aside an average of $184,000. 

Retirement planning extends beyond money. 

The process is something that needs to consider life transitions, health concerns, family issues, and emotional implications that come with the choice of leaving the workforce.

Understanding Your Plan

Support from beginning to end.

It begins with building wealth; creating a flexible plan that can adapt to changes in your life, whether it's a change in a career path, a new house, or setting said a legacy for children and grandchildren. 

Flexible and encompassing.

Our retirement planning services go beyond just planning for retirement, we are here to help you plan for life and all of its wonders.

Accounting for Risks & Challenges

Once your plan is in place, we will keep it updated on a regular basis, accounting for changes in your life. While the core focus remains on wealth building, we will provide critical financial solutions that will help you meet saving challenges and mitigate career risks.

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Looking ahead, planning with care.

As you progress closer to retirement, with market volatility and constantly changing risk, we gradually shift focus from aggressive growth to tactful wealth preservation. This will help protect and stabilize your income from market and recessionary risks as you use it in your retirement years.

The Process

When creating a client profile, we begin will a full financial assessment to determine your current position and map out a series of strategies to get you to where you want to be. It's never to early to start your retirement planning, and while the earlier the better, we also offer financial solutions that will help maximize your well-being at all times. 

  • We ask you the right questions to help you determine how much you should be saving, what your investment expectations are, and what actions need to be taken to help you achieve your life-long goals.

    • We want to determine your objectives.​

    • Understand you current financial status

    • Estimate the income you'll need.

    • Establish and investment and savings plan.

    • Monitor and evaluate the progress you've made over time.

  • With an advisor you will be assisted in optimizing your tax planning, estate planning, debt repayments, and consider how much you want to leave as a legacy for inheritors.

When you're young, you don’t really know what you want your retirement to look like,

but you do know you are going to want to save.

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