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High Net Worth Clients

Overseeing generational wealth.

High Net Worth

Exceeding Expectations

Entrepreneurs, executives, people with large inheritances, or perhaps someone who has done an excellent job of saving thus far are all examples of HNW clients.

With financial and investment advising services, high net worth clients can look to benefit from fundamental research, macro-economic analysis, and more tailored investment positioning, including exposures to different asset classes.

As a High Net Worth (HNW) client, we take on a more investment driven approach as we look to to best distribute your invested wealth across varies asset classes and maximize your after-tax returns with tax-smart investing.


Whether you're looking to simply preserve your wealth or diversify and continue to grow it, our goal is to understand what your life aspirations are so we can personalize our services to meet your financial objectives.

Investment Process

Investment Overview

Thematic investment overview and quality ground-up business model analysis.

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  • Focus on detailed fundamental research, business model analysis, and powerful insights to advanced macro-economic trends.

  • Clients are placed in diversified investment solutions that are positioned to meet their unique needs. 

  • We focus on searching for big-picture opportunities. Our investment process maintains all-cap flexibility and looks to avoids expensive sectors and overvalued industries .

  • Making the right investments comes with our disciplined investment process. Your portfolio is continuously monitored to account for changing opportunities, while still maintaining a long-term core investment position. We adjust our framework as the economic evidence evolves.  

The Research & 
Investment Process

Life Cycle
Risk Management
  • Client  investment risk exposure.
  • Income, lifestyle, and goal evaluation.
  • Objective follow up and continuous assessment. 
money mangement
stock picking
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Sector Analysis
  • Determine where opportunities are.
  • Reposition investments.
  • Top-Tier global research.
Core Investment Decision Making
  • Quality company analysis.
  • Bottom-up stock picking.
  • Holistic sector assessment.

Unparalleled Access

With a myriad of world class investment options available, opportunities are waiting everywhere. Our source of wealth building comes with the capacity to expand beyond North American equities and fixed income when necessary and to tap into global instruments.

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Whether is taking advantage of an economic currency trade or simply hedging your investment downside, derivatives act as exceptional tools.

stocks and mutual funds

Global Capital Markets

The ability to invest in USA and Canada has proven to be paramount. However, investment opportunities can also be found in Asia and Europe.

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Sometimes the best investments aren't in companies. Precious metals, energy fuel, and even agricultural crops are investable assets.

Tax-Smart Investing

Most portfolio managers and wealth advisors tend to put all their focus on generating the best returns.

But our goal is to maximize your after-tax investment returns, because in the end, that's what goes in your pocket.

Your spending, saving, investments, and borrowing all require after-tax cash flows. So, tax consideration constitutes a critical aspect in the accumulation and growth of your wealth.

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