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Real Financial Advising

Wealth management, retirement planning, and investing services that go far beyond the standard bank advisor.

What is financial advising?

Though it isn't something that most people think about having, a knowledgeable financial advisor will help you best structure your finances and manage your money and wealth.
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Services Include

  • Creating a portfolio of investments that meets your capital growth and income needs.

  • Focus on tax management so you keep more of your money in your pocket.

  • Get you thinking about wealth planning and retirement, and;

  • Help you manage your debt and even make the best use of it.

  • Ensuring you're making the most of having savings, investment, and retirement accounts.

Consider setting goals for your family development, for protecting your lifestyle, planning your future, managing your nest-egg, and building a lasting legacy.

Simple steps to getting started.

What do you want to accomplish?

First, we want to get to know you and identify where you can benefit from our advising. Perhaps a young couple looking to save up for a home or university education for your children. Or maybe a couple nearing retirement looking to ensure you'll have sufficient income to retire with. Or you just want to start investing because you want to put your hard earned money to work.

Putting together an actionable strategy.

Second, we build out a strategy and set you up to reach your targeted goals, like saving enough to retire with $1,000,000 in savings. All while evaluating which risks you are exposed to and how we can protect you from them.

Preparing the accounts structure.

Third, we open the accounts we know you'll need - whether it's a RRSP, TFSA, RIFF, LIFF, RESP, or Non- Registered Account, to make sure your savings and investments will be structured to grow in a tax effective way. 

Investment selection

Fourth, we set the strategy in action, choose the best investments, and monitor and ensure you stay in line with your targets.

Recurring communication

Lastly, we meet at least annually and check in for any changes in your position, update goals and targets, and repeat.  

Investment Risk Management

Risk management is integral to the investment process. Without it an investor may be invested in different companies that end up overexposing them to the same risk.
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While most focus on price volatility as a measure of risk, we stand to think of it differently. A risky investment means buying companies or funds with weak financial health, lack of future opportunities, and are trading for prices above their fair value.


This word has grown to become popular investment lingo, but how does it really impact your portfolio risk and long term returns?

In common practice, diversification is known as being invested in 80+ companies at any given time - protecting investors in the event of a certain industry or company failure, you would own other companies that'll average out the loss. However, we use strategic diversification to strengthen your investments.

Tax Planning

Tax-Smart Investing

The wealth we build comes from beyond the investment complex. Tax consideration is an essential place to begin.

Making the right investments is only part of what we do, it's the part that makes you money. Though following our plans will help you save more money than you would've thought possible, all clients can largely benefit from tax management, allowing you to reap additional savings that would have otherwise been consumed.

Our  experience with ongoing tax consideration and commitment to understanding up-to-date tax changes will keep our clients saving more. With our resources ready for deployment, clients will be guided to plan ahead and save more.

PreTax vs After Tax

Pre-tax vs. After-Tax Returns

Great investment advisors help people generate high single digit returns, however, what most forget is that these are pre-tax returns. This results in taxable gains (outside of tax-free and tax-deferred accounts) that inevitably end up being part of a person's taxable income - thereby increasing your tax expense.

Answering The Big Question

"A personal financial advisor sounds great... but, isn't it expensive?"

The cost to you is based on a fraction of your total invested assets. This includes modular financial planning, portfolio construction, tax-smart investing,  cash management, regular communication, and more.

For our cost-efficient, high value-add advising, we make sure we're smart with your money. We ask you the right questions, we'll agree on realistic goals, and keep you updated on your progress.

Our approach involves creating an investment portfolio that grows your money beyond your management costs. This way, our services pay for themselves and grow your wealth along the way.

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We want to build a long-term relationship to help grow your wealth and meet your life goals over the decades.

Types of Accounts

A list of the main accounts we can use to optimize your wealth.


An account that prevents you from paying taxes on investment growth, and deferring the taxes to when you withdraw during retirement years..


A taxable investment account used to invest the addition money you've saved after maximizing your RRSP and TFSA accounts.


An account where there are multiple owners; some examples are married couples, business partners, and siblings.

At age 71, your RRSP is converted into a RRIF. At this point you begin withdrawing from the savings you've built up.


Whether it's a RRSP or RIFF, it might be advantageous to contribute to a Spousal RRSP for increased tax benefits.


Whether a formal or informal trust account, you're able to invest and grow the account's assets for future inheritors.


A savings account that allows you to avoid paying taxes on gains and investment income.


This account is if you have a pension from a former employer but you're not yet retired. 


Similar to a RIFF, a Life Income Fund allows you to withdraw funds originating from a LIRA.

Designed for the exclusive benefit of a single individual or a small number of people,

Retirement Planning

Making the right amount of contributions to your RRSP, utilizing your TFSA, and saving and building your wealth to attain that life-long comfort that everyone seeks isn't as easy as most would like to think - but we're here to help. Retirement planning and objective based strategies is what we do.

Manulife Wealth Office.jpg
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