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Income Protection Insurance

If you became either temporarily or permanently disabled, how will you maintain an income to cover your life expenses? There's insurance for that.

disability insurance manulife

Accident & Sickness Insurance

Accident & Sickness Insurance exists to protect you and your family from the financial burden that comes from illness, injury, or disability. The associated coverage may serve as source of funds to replace your income and cover medical costs.

Know The Difference

Which income scenario would you choose to have?

Without Insurance
Annual Income
While Working
Annual Disability
Benefit Paid

Annual Income



With Insurance


Annual Income


(Original Income) - (Insurance Premium)


* Manulife quote based on a 49 year old male, class 1 occupation, and a 90-day waiting period - paid until age 65.

Using a fraction of your income to pay for accident & sickness insurance can provide you with a peace of mind - so that if an unfortunate circumstance presents itself,  your insurance will pay you an income benefit until the retirement age of 65.

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