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Sharia Compliant Wealth Management 

Aligning Your Financial Goals with Your Personal Values

Discover a unique wealth management approach that integrates your financial ambitions with ethical values. Our services focus on growth while adhering to Sharia principles, ensuring investments that align with Islamic values and avoid unethical practices.

Sharia Compliant

Investment activities adhere strictly to Islamic law, prohibiting interest, speculative trading, and investments in non-permissible industries.

Halal Investing

Assets that are clean, ethical, and beneficial to society, avoiding businesses related to alcohol, gambling, and other Haram activities.

Sukuk Bonds

Islamic financial certificates, similar to bonds, that comply with Sharia and provide asset-backed profit-sharing in place of traditional interest payments.

Dedicated to Sharia Compliant Investing

Advisor and Client to prepare sharia investments

Our journey in Sharia Compliant Wealth Management is underpinned by a commitment to ethical integrity, aligning with the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) standards. We are a team dedicated to creating a positive impact, empowering our clients with investments that reflect their values and beliefs.

Our range of services, guided by Halal principles and rigorous research, includes Personalized Investment Plans, Halal Stock and ETF Portfolios, Sharia Compliant REITs, and more. We ensure each service adheres strictly to Islamic finance standards.

Our Mission

We strive to blend financial expertise with ethical practices, focusing on equity and justice in all our investments.

Why Choose Us?

Selecting our firm means partnering with experts in ethical investing, committed to global Sharia standards and offering personalized, value-aligned investment strategies.

Sharia Compliant & Limitless Potential

Tailoring Investments to Your Goals

Global Standards and Ethical Investing

We commit to the AAOIFI standards, integrating third-party research and diverse investment models to align with our core principles. Each step, from screening to portfolio construction, reflects our dedication to ethical investing.

Versatile Account Options

Tailor your investment path with a variety of account types, each designed to be fully Sharia-compliant. Whether it’s an RRSP, a TFSA, or a Standard Investment Account, we have options that suit your ethical investment needs.

Investment Models for Personalized Goals

We emphasize the significance of diversification, presenting investment models that cater to individual financial aspirations. From dividend income to growth and REITs models, we guide you in crafting a personalized investment journey.

Why Sharia Compliant Investing?

Investing with Integrity and Assurance

Sharia Compliant Investing goes beyond financial returns, upholding equity, fairness, and positive societal impact. Our approach aligns with Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) principles, and we ensure compliance through semi-annual audits and a Fund Fatwa, certifying our adherence to Islamic principles.

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