Group Benefits

For Small Businesses & Corporations

Why offer group benefits to your employees?

3 Reasons

  1. A competitive advantage to attract and retain top employees.

  2. It is an affordable way to protect your employees and their families.

  3. It is a tax-effective form of employee compensation.

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What can you give your employees?

  • Extended Health Care Coverage: 1) Drug plan coverage; 2) professional services such as chiropractor, physiotherapists, psychologists, naturopaths, and much more; 3) Additional services include hearing aids, private nursing, and orthopedics; 4) Vision care with options for children; 5) Hospital care, private room, chronic care, etc; 6) General health care spending account; 7) Dental benefits.

  • Income Replacement Options: 1) Short-term disability with various options, and; 2) Long-term disability with  various options, including coverage until 65.

  • Personal Benefits: 1) Life insurance up to $500,000 and 2) Critical Illness insurance up to $150,000, 3) Dependent life insurance with spousal and child benefits.